The Dragon Ring

A Family tradition in Pai Family Martial arts. The Dragon Ring signifies commitment and dedication to the art and is rarely awarded. Students that show the utmost respect, love and dedication to the art and school are granted the priveledge to wear dragon ring and be recongized as a Pai Family martial arts practitioners. 

Where the ring is worn indicates the generation and rank of the practitioner. In our tradition the ring is not awarded to any student below Adult intermediate/advanced level which means the ring would be worn on the ring or middle finger. Instructors wear the ring on the index finger. 

Though there have been a few designes over the years from 1st through 3rd Generation. This Design is very commonly recognized as the Pai Family ring.

Over the course of the past 20 years your instructors have only granted 4 rings. We hold the priveledge precious. If you keep up your training and show genuine love and effort, you may earn a ring on your path to the Dragon Gate.