December 6th Testing

On Saturday Dec 6th Dragon Gate Kungfu held their regular Rank Evaluations. It was a great day with students being evaluated for several different rank levels from the various student programs Little Dragons, Kids 5 Element Phase, and Teen/Adult 5 Element phase. 
Congratulations to all of them for showing effort and dedication to themselves and the art! We look forward to heling them all progress. 

5 Element Sash - Meaghan: This Sash is a big deal because it symbolizes the end phase of the 5 elements as she prepares to enter the 5 Animal phase of her training. Meaghan is only the third student to reach this mark. 

Kids 5 Element phase. White Sash - Kimberly 
Kids 5 Element phase. White Sash - Isaac
Little Dragon Beg. Level 3 - Luca & Shane 
Little Dragon Beg. Level 2 - Jonathan, Sam, & Kyle 
Little Dragon Beg. Level 1 - Danika 

Dragon Gate Kungfu holds rank evaluations once every session to ensure each student has an opportunity to try and advance. In some occasions students don't meet the minimum score to advance in rank, but we focus on the effort; offer remedial training and the student always comes back, tries again and passes the second time. That lesson is more important than just about any we can teach. 

"fall down seven times, stand up eight"
-martial proverb

Happy Holidays
Your Dragon Gate Kungfu Instructors