General School Rules

  1. Bowing is a ritual sign of respect. It is done is the following instances.
    • Entering and leaving school (guan)
    • Beginning and ending martial arts activities, including class, drills, sparring
    • As an acknowledgment of respect for your instructors and fellow students
  2. Students should not horseplay or speak in an uncontrolled or disrespectful manner.
  3. All students should be in proper, clean and tidy uniform when in class.
  4. No Outside shoes should be worn in the training hall (guan).
  5. Students should maintain good hygiene; unclean odors from body or uniform will not be tolerated. Do not attend class sick with cold or flu.
  6. Show respect for the training hall; help keep it clean.
  7. Work hard, but avoid dangerous overexertion. Never use excessive force in sparring or drills. Observe restraint and control techniques and do not injure a fellow student.
  8. Your teachers must be shown the utmost respect; address instructors as Sir or as their Title (Assistant Instructor, Instructor, professor, etc). Do not point the soles of your feet toward him or show other forms of disrespect.
  9. Students must always conduct themselves with dignity and in a manner that will bring honor and respect to themselves, their teacher, the school, and the art.
  10. Students are responsible to enroll in their class programs on time. Your teachers should not have to remind you.

We know it's not always on your mind and we know that keeping your uniform up to date costs a little bit of cash. But, it is important to all of us that we present ourselves and the school in the best possible light. So take the time to check if your uniform if up to date.